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International Conference: World-Counter-Revolutions

World-Counter-Revolutions, 1917-1920 from a global perspective

News from Apr 13, 2016

9-11 June 2016

Hanover-Herrenhausen, Germany

The International Conference “World-Counter-Revolutions”, organized by Stefan Rinke, will be taking place in Hanover, Germany from 9-11 June 2016. Contributors will include our editor-in-chief Oliver Janz, as well as a number of other historians involved in the “1914-1918-online encyclopedia”.

The Conference will investigate transnational links between the innumerable revolts, rebellions, revolutions and following violent reactions occurring throughout the world between 1917 and 1920. It will also accommodated transnational and comparative approaches, perspectives from social, economic, cultural and political history and offer space for dialogue to compare the revolutionary and counterrevolutionary entanglements in a global context.

For more information and registration, please see: http://www.lai.fu-berlin.de/disziplinen/geschichte/conference-revolutions/index.html

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