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Call for Papers: The Major Battles of 1916

CFP: The Major Battles of 1916 - International Conference held in Paris

Deadline: 4 January 2016

News from Nov 23, 2015

International Conference held in French, English and German, with simultaneous translation
CfP-deadline: 4 January 2016
The conference “The Major Battles of 1916” will be held in Paris on 22-24 June 2016 and hosted, among others, by “1914-1918-online” contributors Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau, Nicolas Beaupré, Rémy Cazals, John Horne, Gerd Krumeich, Philippe Nivet, Nicolas Offenstadt and Antoine Prost.
The conference’s object is two-fold: first, to advance knowledge by broadening perspectives and introducing international comparison; second, to introduce a broad audience to the approaches that have renewed the history of the battles of 1916 in recent years, notably on fronts other than the western front. The conference will be organised around its three themes “constructing battle”, “experiencing battle” and “supplying battle”.
For further information please refer to: http://www.worldwarone.it/2015/09/the-major-battles-of-1916-international.html?spref=tw

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