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New Volume "Kindheit und Schule im Ersten Weltkrieg" co-edited by Section Editor Christa Hämmerle available

“1914-1918-online” section editor Christa Hämmerle’s co-edited volume on childhood and schooling in First World War Austria is now available:
Hannes Stekl, Christa Hämmerle, Ernst Bruckmüller (ed.): Kindheit und Schule im Ersten Weltkrieg, (Austriaca, Bd. 6) New academic press Vienna 2015.

News from Oct 15, 2015

In an often neglected subject area, “Kindheit und Schule im Ersten Weltkrieg“ examines the everyday life of Austrian children during the First World War. The book sketches out central features of the state’s schooling system, elaborating on how it was utilized in the war effort and inspecting limits and failures of these policies, especially amidst the exhaustion of the later war years.

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