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Online Exhibition: “Making War, Mapping Europe: Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920” launched

News from Dec 04, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the launch of HERA’s online exhibition “Making War, Mapping Europe: Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920”: http://www.mwme.eu/exhibition/index.html
The exhibition examines the experiences of German, British and French soldiers stationed on the European periphery and in the Middle East. Excellent thematic survey articles and a wealth of primary sources (texts, photographs, drawings, mementos and objects of everyday use, etc.) feature to explore the main question: To what extent did military cultural encounters help to shape collective perceptions of ‘the self’, ‘the other’, of Europe and of its borders?
This exhibition has been curated as part of a HERA-funded research project involving historians from Freie Universität Berlin, Trinity College Dublin and the Universities of Swansea and York. It explores the interactions between French, British and German soldiers and the societies they encountered on campaign over the long nineteenth century from the 1790s to the 1920s. Focussing on these militarized cultural encounters in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the exhibition brings together hundreds of images and artefacts drawn from libraries, archives, museums and private collections throughout France, Britain and Germany along with a number of thematic essays by project team members.

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