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Ongoing exhibition “The greatest disaster of human history” - Latin America and the First World War

14 June to 19 September 2014, at the Ibero-American Institute, Berlin 

News from Jun 14, 2014

The Ibero-American Institute is hosting an exhibition entitled “The greatest Disaster of Human History”, which showcases texts and photographs predominantly from the Institute’s archives depicting the grave consequences the war inflicted on the region. Thematic highlights of the exhibit include debates on the outbreak of the war, and the art of caricature employed in fuelling the propaganda war, in addition to presenting works by noteworthy Latin Americans and reports illustrating the everyday lives of immigrants and soldiers.

Admission is free

For more information (in German only) please visit: http://www.iai.spk-berlin.de/veranstaltungen/themenschwerpunkte/1914aufbruchweltbruch/veranstaltung/720/p/1.html

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