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14 - Tagebücher tv-documentary will be aired on ARTE tv

29 April, 6 May and 13 May at 8:15 pm on ARTE tv

News from Apr 28, 2014

14 - Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs, the German title of an international documentary drama series which is dedicated to fiction, documentary and animated elements to the theme of the First World War. Directed by Jan Peter with all episodes, series authors were Jan Peter and Yury Winterberg

The multimedia project "14 - Diaries of the First World War" offers a new and unusual look at the history of the First World War. 

Well-known historian including Oliver JanzPeter Englund and Emmanuel Saint Fuscien were amonst the contributing consultants to the series.

Air Dates on ARTE tv:

Tuesday, 29 April 8:15 pm Part 1 - The Abyss (Der Abgrund/Le gouffre)
  9:10 pm Part 2 - The Assault (Der Angriff/L'assaut)
Tuesday, 6 May 8:15 pm Part 3 - The Injury (Die Verwundung/L'angoisse)
  9:10 pm Part 4 - Nostalgia (Die Sehnsucht/La nostalgie)
  10:00 pm Part 5 - The Destruction (Die Vernichtung/Le désastre)
Tuesday, 13 May 8:15 pm Part 6 - Homeland (Die Heimat/La patrie)
  9:10 pm Part 7 - The Uprising (Der Aufstand/L'insurrection)
  10:00 pm Part 8 - The Ruins (Die Entscheidung/Les ruins)
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