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South East Europe

Information Server, Ungarisches Institut München

This German-language collection of transcripts on East Central and South East Europe includes important documents about the First World War, such as peace treaties and political memos. It was created with the support of the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst.



Veliki Rat

The project Veliki Rat (the Great War) aims to group together resources related to the Serbian people. It provides access to several collections of First World War materials, such as books, periodicals and images, as well as learning materials for teachers and students.



WWI in collections of the Historical archives of Belgrade

An analytic inventory, a thematic guide, proceedings of documents, nominal and thematic registers and other sections offer access to the First World War archival material of the Belgrade historical archives. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.



WW 1 - 100 let prve, Slovenians in the WW1

A website about the involvement and memory of Slovenia in the First World War.



World War One Sites – The Networld Database

World War One Sites contributes to the preservation of architectural and cultural heritage of the First World War in the Danube region. It documents different types of architectural heritages from war monuments and fortifications to POW-camps and museums in nine different countries.



Vojaške žrtve 1. svetovne vojne na Slovenskem (Victims of the First World War in Slovenia), SISTORY - History of Slovenia

The site consists of various local databases and lists of First World War victims from 16 different institutions and individuals to which data from relevant sources were added. It aims to collect and promote resources to further support work and research of the period in the region.


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