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Russian Empire

Russia’s Great War & Revolution Project

Russia’s Great War & Revolution Project is an international collective of leading historians and research institutions dedicated to re-evaluating the role of the First World War in Russian history. This website offers information about the project as well as a variety of articles on various aspects of Russia in the First World War.



World War I photographs from the DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University
This album contains a collection of photographs held by the DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University. Included are photographs taken by German soldiers in the conquered territories of the Russian Empire.



100(0) Schlüsseldokumente zur Russischen und Sowjetischen Geschichte (1917-1991)

100(0) Key Documents on Russian and Soviet History compiles selected Audio-Visual sources. Introductory comments explain the relevance of the source, the current state of scientific research and advice on further reading. The documents can be accessed as full texts and as photocopies of original facsimiles.




A database of 140,000 digitised Russian diaries from 1700-2000, including many written during the First World War.



Первая мировая война и русская литература, Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The project "The First World War and Russian literature. Politics and poetics: historical and cultural context" is provided by the Gorky Institute of World Literature (IMLI) (Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and funded by Russian Humanitarian Fund (RGNF). It contains various sources (books and periodicals) as well as proceedings of conferences and colloquia.


"The Russian Revolution of 1917 in literary sources" is a continuation of the project.



Коллекции: Материалы к истории Первой мировой войны, State Historical Public Library of Russia

The collection "Materials on the history of the First World War" contains books and periodicals (more than 450 titles, mostly in Russian) which were digitised by the State Historical Public Library of Russia. 



Российская ассоциация историков первой мировой войны 1914-1918

The website of the Russian Association of Historians of the First World War. 



Памяти героев Великой Войны 1914-1918, Russian Ministry of Defence

The project "In memory of the heroes of the Great War of 1914-1918" is provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence and supported by the Russian Historical Society and the Federal Archival Agency of Russia (Rosarchiv). The database contains more than 2.5 million digitised card files of the Bureau for the calculation of losses at the fronts of the First World War.



События в Семиречье 1916 года по документам российских архивов, Rosarchiv

Events in the Semirechie in 1916 (revolt of Kazakh tribes during the mobilisation of local people for military works) according to the documents of Russian archives.


Георгиевские кавалеры, Великой войны 1914-1918, Rosarchiv

The internet project "St. George's Cavaliers of the Great War" is a database of recipients of the Order of St. George, St. George's Crosses, and St. George's weapon during the First World War.



Офицеры Первой мировой - генералы Великой Отечественной, Rosarchiv

The project "The officers of the First World War - Generals of the Great Patriotic War" presents documents on military careers of Russian officers of the First World War who became generals and admirals in the Soviet army during the Second World War.



Russian-German project for the digitization of German documents from the archives of the Russian Federation

Database that includes a "Collection of documents of the special services of Germany in 1912-1945 from the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History" as well as a collection of "German documents of the First World War from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation".



History of Russia in photos

More than 100,000 photos from museums and private collections spanning the entire history of photography. The site is result of collaboration of state, non-profit and commercial institutions. It also contains many photographs from WW1 (Eastern front and Russian home front).



The October Revolution and origin of Soviet power, the Russian State Archive of Sound Recordings

The archive contains 54 fragments of recordings of revolutionaries who took part in October events in Petrograd and other Russian cities. They were recorded between the 1920s and 1970s.



The economy of Revolution 1917, Russian State Archive of Economics

A collection of hitherto unpublished digitised documents concerning the economy of the Russian Revolution of 1917.


Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library
A collection of digitised books and other sources in the electronic Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. The collection is devoted to "the main events of 1917" (English interface and description are available).


Collection of First World War sources: https://www.prlib.ru/en/collections/467020

Collection of Russian Civil War sources: https://www.prlib.ru/en/collections/761615


Documents of the Soviet Age, The Federal Archival Agency of Russia

"Documents of the Soviet Age" includes a collection of digitised "Revolution 1917" documents retrieved from the State Archive of the Russian Federation.



1917. Free History

The work of a team of journalists, experts, designers, animators and illustrators, “1917. Free History” is a serial, but in the form of a social network. It is a way of bringing the past to life and bringing it closer to the present day. It is a way of understanding what the year 1917 was like for those who lived in Russia and in other countries. The project consists entirely of primary sources.


The Great War 1914-1918. The memory of the Great War in Russian literature, art and intellectual culture, Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities devoted to the Great War

The site was financially supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation (project №13-04-00177).



Russian newspapers of the Great War and Civil War 1914-1922

A project digitizing Russian newspapers of the Great War and Civil War 1914-1922. The Project is carried out under the auspices of INION RAS (Institute of Scientific Information for Social Science, Russian Academy of Science) and History of Motherland Foundation. 


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