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1914-1918 : la Grande Guerre vue du Sénat, procès-verbaux et rapports des commissions, le Sénat

The French senate’s collection of digitised papers about the war. The documents and descriptions are in French.



Dossier thématique 1914-1918, l’Assemblée nationale

The French national assembly’s thematic dossier on the years 1914 to 1918. The website is in French.



Historial de La Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War)

The website of the Museum of the Great War located in Péronne, France.



Grand Mémorial

Digitized federal and regional documents from the French Ministry of Culture including military registration papers, military news bulletins, and a database of monuments and other commemorative sites. The website and all documents are in French.



Plateforme 14/18, une famille dans la Grande Guerre

The site hosts the letters and photographs exchanged among members of the Résal family during the First World War. A number of essays – on themes ranging from women’s involvement in the war effort to wartime postal services – also provide historical context. The website is in French.



French World War I Posters, University of Illinois Library

This website presents digitised versions of 105 posters from the University of Illinois Archives that have been published in France during the First World War. Each poster is accompanied by a transcription of the French text and an English translation.



La contemporaine

La contemporaine has an important collection of photographs, newspapers, and objects related to the First World War, parts of which are now available online.


Material on the First World War from the collections of La contemporaine on Flickr.



La Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale

La Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale was founded in 2012 by the French government to organize, coordinate, and publicize commemorations of the First World War. Contents are available in French, English, and German.



Gallica, digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

A digitalization project containing millions of documents, books, maps, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, notes and audio clips from the French national library



Remembrance Trails of the Great War in Northern France, Comité Régional de Tourisme en Nord-Pas de Calais

The website can be navigated via a map, timeline or different thematic chapters. The articles include external links and archive pictures and are available in French, English, German and Dutch.



Archives Photographiques, La Médiathèque de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine

This online, French-language photo archive provide access to photograph negatives from various wars, including WWI.



Les marchés de guerre 14-18

A digital collection of files on war markets (1914-1918) created by the French Ministry of Economic Affairs and its Centre des Archives Économiques et Financières (CAEF) at Savigny-le-Temple.



Testaments de guerre de poilus parisiens (1914-1918)

A digital collection of wills created by soldiers from Paris during the First World War. The 134 wills edited here are kept at the Archives nationales de France.



Map of museums, cemeteries and other FWW-sites in northern France and Belgium, La Voix du Nord

La Voix du Nord provides an interactive map of museums, cemeteries and other sites in northern France and Belgium. Thousands of places are listed with descriptions, addresses, contacts and opening times.



Bibliothèque Numérique de Lyon

The bibliothèque numérique de Lyon digitized French trench logs and trench newspaper from the First World War.



Journaux des unités engagées dans la Première Guerre mondiale, Ministère des Armées

The French armed forces published a digitized archive of their units' First World War diaries. It consists of over three million pages of diaries from the Armée de Terre, the Aéronautique militaire and the French navy.


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