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Canada & Newfoundland


Wartime Canada

The educational website “Wartime Canada” features photographs, advertisements, music scores, cartoons, and many other documents that provide insight into Canadians' lives in wartime. The items are organized into ten different categories (e.g. fighting, eating, and working) and accompanied by a brief description. The website is available in French and English.



Canada and the First World War, Library and Archives Canada

A collection of documents, photographs and maps detailing Canadian involvement in WWI.



Canadian Letters and Images Project, Vancouver Island University, Department of History

An online archive of the Canadian war experience (various wars, including WWI) as told through the letters and images of Canadians themselves. The collections include correspondence, diaries, photographs, postcards and other miscellaneous items. All correspondence has been transcribed, retaining the original spelling, punctuation and paragraph formatting. When available, the transcriptions are accompanied by scans of the original pages.



Héritage, Canadiana

Héritage is a website containing digitalised archival items, including on First Nations and military history. Available in English and French.


The Archives of Ontario Remembers Our Canadian War Heroes, The Archives of Ontario

A selection of letters, documents, drawings and photographs from the Archives’ WWI collections.



Canvas of War: Masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum, Canadian War Museum

A virtual exhibition displaying works of art related to Canadian military history, listed according to both war and artist.


Canada’s First World War: A Centennial Series, Active History

Active History’s series of articles on the history, memory, and legacy of the First World War launched in August, 2014. The series is broad in outlook, including subjects as diverse as the war’s political impact, to its memory today and daily life on the home front. 


Canada and the First World War, Canadian War Museum

An online exhibition that tells the story of Canada’s role in the First World War at the international, national, and personal levels. Comprehensive and filled with artifacts from the museum collection, the exhibition is also rich in teacher resources.


Military History Research Centre, Canadian War Museum

The online catalogue for the George Metcalf Archival Collection and the Hartland Molson Library Collection. These extensive national collections of primary and secondary research material document Canada’s military history from the colonial period to the present, and are particularly strong in the First and Second World Wars.


The Great War Centenary Association, Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations

This website deals with Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations during the First World War. The site has over 2,500 transcribed pages from the local newspaper The Brantford Expositor dealing with the men and women who served from the community. Additionally, materials addressing the major issues happening in the community during the First World War can be found on the "Our History" page.



At Home and Away: Remembering the First World War through records at the Archives of Manitoba, Archives of Manitoba

This blog delves into the experience of Manitobans during World War I. The digital archive includes letters, posters, photographs, estate files, maps, and more, each accompanied by detailed descriptions and historical context.




The Newfoundland Regiment and the Great War, The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador

This website tells the story of the Newfoundland Regiment in World War I. It includes photographs, maps and war diaries, which are integrated into the articles. It also hosts a database containing the military files of many of the regiment’s soldiers.



Newfoundland and the Great War, Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Web Site

A guide to the Newfoundland experience of the First World War. The website is divided into four sections: articles, images, audio and video.



Newfoundland Regiment History, Newfoundland’s Grand Banks

This website provides transcripts of Newfoundland military documentation from World Wars I and II. The website also hosts photographs and lists the burial sites of soldiers.


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