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Technisches Museum Wien mit Österreichischer Mediathek

This website provides a timeline of World War I with audio-visual elements. The website is in German.



ANNO – Austrian Newspapers Online, The National Austrian Library

An online archive of Austrian newspapers and periodicals from 1700 to 1941. There is also a section, “Extraausgaben des 1. Weltkrieges,” containing newspapers’ special editions – often only a single page – during WWI.




A German-language online encyclopedia containing a wealth of information about all things Austria. The site includes several different lexicons and dictionaries with tens of thousands of entries.



Bildarchiv (Photo Archive), The National Austrian Library

An online archive of multiple photo collections, including Europeana Travel, Rübelt-Negativarchiv and Esperanto, containing tens of thousands of photos.



The First World War and the End of the Habsburg Monarchy

Online exhibition of Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna, an innovative approach to showcasing WW1 history.



Frontlines and Hinterland, Institute of Political History, Hungary

Frontlines and Hinterland publishes Hungarian Great War newspaper and periodical excerpts alongside commentaries and short articles. Longer blogposts on selected issues supply the reader with a broader thematic overview. The website is available in English and Hungarian.



Digitale Landesbibliothek Oberösterreich

The Landesbibliothek Oberösterreich’s (State Library Upper Austria) collection of digitized texts and prints in public domain.



1914-1918 Hundert Jahre Erster Weltkrieg, Österreichisches Staatsarchiv

Articles and images focusing on the Austrian involvement in the First World War.



Das Kriegstagebuch des Alfred Hermann Fried

A digital version of the diaries kept by Austrian journalist and pacifist Alfred Hermann Fried (1864-1921).



World War One Sites – The Networld Database

World War One Sites contributes to the preservation of architectural and cultural heritage of the First World War in the Danube region. It documents different types of architectural heritages from war monuments and fortifications to POW-camps and museums in nine different countries.



Denkmal-Heer, Austrian war memorials, Austrian Ministry of Defence

The database offers access and information about memorials on the Austrian Ministry of Defence's properties across Austria. It includes memorials dedicated to individuals, events as well as art and religious memorials. Denkmal-Heer aims to raise awareness, to promote a transparent and open commemoration-culture and to serve as an inventory of existing memorials.


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