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Information for Authors

Manuscript Submission

Before submitting, please make sure your manuscript conforms to the author guidelines. Putting your manuscript into the “1914-1918-online” style is much appreciated and will significantly aid the editorial process. Authors are encouraged to use our article (Handbook or Discussion) or entry (Biography or General) templates.

In addition to the text, articles may incorporate graphical, acoustical, and visual elements, as well as carefully selected and, when required, annotated source texts. We also welcome references to scholarly internet resources, e.g. digitised primary sources. Please see our link list for a multitude of online resources for pictures, audio files, maps, and other multimedia elements related to WWI.

Please note that it is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission for publication from copyright holders to reproduce copyrighted materials without restriction of time. If the copyright holder charges a fee to grant permission, the fee is the responsibility of the author seeking permission. A copy of the written permission must be submitted along with the manuscript. All material submitted without such permission risks exclusion from publication. All authors will also need to sign an author agreement.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, preferably in MS Word or Open Office, via e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at 1914-1918-online@fu-berlin.de.

Review Process

Every submitted manuscript is subject to a full two-staged academic review. During the first stage, manuscripts are reviewed by the responsible section editor. Manuscripts are evaluated according to the following criteria: Does the article reflect the current state of research? Does it reference previous research appropriately and accurately? Is the article clearly and sensibly arranged? (And for Thematic Survey Articles: Does the article sufficiently pursue a transnational approach? Are all geographical areas of relevance covered?)

During the second stage, manuscripts are assessed either by one of the general editors or, anonymously, by an external referee.

Authors will receive updates regarding the editorial process by e-mail. Questions concerning the status of a manuscript should be directed to the Editorial Office.

Preparation and Proofing

Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication by both reviewers, it will be prepared for publication. Accepted manuscripts will be edited in accordance with the “1914-1918-online” author guidelines and proofread by a native speaker. In the final step, the author will receive PDF proofs for approval and publication release. The final online version will include cross-reference links both to other articles in the encyclopedia and to external internet resources. When appropriate, multimedia content will also be included. The Bavarian State Library (BSB) indexes the articles and assigns non-ambiguous personal identifiers. This standardised indexing will provide increased visibility of the encyclopedia in search engines.

Upon recommendation of the editorial board, the author may be asked to revise his or her article for a later edition. If the author is not prepared or able to do so, or if he or she does not submit the revised text in a timely manner, the editorial board has the option to engage another author. This author will then write a new article, not based on the original author’s text.


Each article of “1914-1918-online” is a self-contained publication and its author receives full recognition. All articles receive a distinct URL address as well as a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and are fully citable as scholarly publications. The Bavarian State Library guarantees the long-term, error-free storage of the digital information of the encyclopedia.

“1914-1918-online” pursues an Open Access policy to make knowledge freely available to the public and to support a greater global exchange of knowledge. To easily and effectively ensure Open Access, the Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany-CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) will be applied (cf. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/de/deed.en_GB).

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